chocolate nests

Chocolate nests: the recipe for delicious cereal sweets

Chocolate nests are delicious sweets prepared on Easter days and are really easy and quick to prepare cereal baskets. On Easter days, you know, our tables abound with delicious sweets: pastiera, chocolate eggs, pies and so on and so forth! Preparing these chocolate baskets is very easy: a great way to cook in the company of the little ones of the house who love to get their hands dirty. A few minutes and a few ingredients are enough to prepare these curious nests to be filled with small chocolate eggs.

Ready in: 10 min
Calories in the recipe: 1950



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How to make chocolate nests

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler by pouring the water into a large pot, filling it 3/4 full and putting it on the stove (1). In a second smaller pot pour the coarsely chopped milk chocolate and place it inside the first one (2). When the chocolate begins to melt, mix gently with a wooden ladle until you get a smooth and shiny cream and turn off the heat (3).

Take the cornflakes and add them to the melted chocolate (4). Stir until all the cereals are covered with chocolate (5). Take the disposable or silicone moulds (6), pour a spoonful of cereals and make the mixture adhere with your hands to the walls of the moulds, creating a small space in the centre where you can lay one or two chocolate eggs. Transfer the moulds to the fridge and let them cool for an hour before serving your chocolate nests.


For this recipe, you can use replace the milk chocolate with white chocolate, or combine the two types to form delicious two-taste nests!

For a softer chocolate cream, you can add a knob of butter or a spoonful of liquid cream.

You can decorate your baskets with a sprinkling of icing sugar or with sugar grains.

You can melt the chocolate in the microwave by cooking for 3 minutes at 600w.


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