chocolate crumbles tart


The chocolate crumble tart with coconut and chocolate is a summer dessert without cooking that is prepared in no time. It’s fresh and with an irresistible flavour, I’m sure it will appeal to adults and children. This dessert is made with a base of crumbled cocoa biscuits with the addition of butter and a super tasty filling of cream, icing sugar, coconut, and yoghurt. This dessert is enriched by the vanilla aroma thanks to the addition of the vanilla extract in berry, it will make it even tastier and more fragrant. The taste of coconut with that of chocolate goes very well and I recommend you leave the cake in the fridge until you are ready to serve it, it will remain compact and super fresh! Let’s see now how to make chocolate crumble tart!


350 g of cocoa biscuits
150 g of melted butter
300 ml of fresh cream
2 tablespoons of icing sugar
2 teaspoons teaspoon of vanilla extract
125g coconut yogurt
2 tablespoons of coconut flour + to decorate
2-3 chocolates to decorate

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Preparation of Chocolate Crumble Tart

First, we prepare our crumbled biscuits. In a blender, we insert the cocoa biscuits a little at a time and mince them well.
Once all the biscuits are chopped, pour them into a bowl and add the melted butter. In this way we will obtain a crumbling of biscuits, we mix very well.
We take a 22cm diameter mold with a sheet of parchment paper at the base, we make our base with half the quantity of biscuits. We compact the base well with the help of a spoon, it must not remain crumbled. Let it rest in the fridge while we prepare the filling.

In a bowl, start whipping the fresh cream, add two tablespoons of icing sugar and continue whipping.
We also add 2 teaspoons of berry vanilla extract, it will make our crumb even more good and fragrant.
Then combine the yogurt and the coconut flour, we continue whipping until a firm and firm mixture is obtained. resume our biscuit base and pour the filling.
We level the surface well and crumble all the remaining biscuits.
We decorate with coconut flour and some chocolates. Do not worry if the cake will crumble a little when cut, the beauty is just that! I assure you it will be delicious and everyone will like chocolate crumble tart!

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