Blueberry grappa

Blueberry grappa

Blueberry grappa, preparing a flavored grappa at home is really very simple and can give great satisfaction: just get excellent raw materials, be they herbs, spices, or fruit, and wait a few weeks to have an after meal made with our hands.

Today we prepare a blueberry grappa: perfect if we use those grown in our garden, as explained in the article dedicated to the blueberry, or those collected during a picnic in the mountains. The small fruits with their sweet and intense flavor are a nice choice to aromatize a liqueur with a dry and decisive taste like grappa, the procedure similar to the one we show here for blueberries can also apply to other berries such as strawberries or currants, but also to other fruits, see for example the recipe for apple grappa.

Preparation time: 1 month for rest
Seasonality: summer recipes
Dish: liqueurs

Ingredients for 500 ml:

500 ml of white grappa
125 g of blueberries

How to prepare blueberry grappa

First, wash and dry the blueberries very well. Pour the white grappa into an airtight glass jar, add the blueberries, close well, and place in a dark and dry place for about a month. Shake the glass jar from time to time.

After the necessary resting time, pour the liqueur into a glass bottle, filtering the contents with a clean fabric or tightly meshed gauze. At this point, the spirits are ready to serve.

Variations to the recipe of this liqueur

With such a simple recipe you can experiment with many combinations of different flavors: unleash your imagination! Here are two ideas to change from the classic flavored grappa recipe.

  • Sugar. If you love very soft grappas, you can add about a tablespoon of sugar together with the blueberries; in this way the grappa will be much sweeter.
  • Red fruits. Use other red fruits along with blueberries for an even more fruity final flavor.

Other grappa variations

Pear grappa recipe.

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