Bean meatballs

Bean Meatballs With Crunchy Breading

Bean meatballs with crunchy breading. A very easy recipe to make Bean meatballs without meat and with very few ingredients with crunchy breadcrumbs and corn flakes. They are perfect meatballs for a simple dinner or to enrich buffets or aperitifs at home. These bean patties are egg-free and to make bean meatballs you can use the type of beans you prefer, such as borlotti, cannellini beans, red beans, etc. .. Bean meatballs are perfect for those who follow a vegetarian diet or to vary their everyday nutrition a little. Let’s see now how to make Bean meatballs!


250 g already cooked borlotti beans
100 g of spreadable cheese
a spoonful of olive oil
spices to taste
3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs + to taste for breading
corn flakes enough
salt to taste

Preparation of Bean meatballs

First we make our meatballs: pour the beans in a blender and make a puree, we blend well. We transfer the bean puree to a bowl.

We combine salt, olive oil and spices to taste. I used rosemary and a pinch of chilli pepper.

Then we also add the spreadable cheese and mix well.

We need to get a slightly sticky and fairly firm compound.

Then we form our meatballs, we can make them more or less large. Bread them well in a mix of breadcrumbs and crumbled corn flakes, they will make them very crunchy!

Transfer the meatballs to a baking tray with parchment paper and add a drizzle of olive oil. We cook in a fan oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, or in a static oven at 190 degrees for the same time.

The meatballs are delicious both hot and cold even the next day! enjoy your meal.

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