Author: shanika

Summer Panzanella Salad

The summer Panzanella salad is a very easy and super tasty dish perfect for dinner with friends, it is ideal both as a side dish and as an appetizer but it can also be a single dish when we want to stay lighter. We can prepare it in advance and […]


The vegetarian zucchini carbonara is a delicate version, suitable for non-meat eaters, of the classic carbonara. An easy recipe to make, perfect as a quick first course to bring to the table, because it is prepared in just 10 minutes on the clock! Also ideal for using fresh seasonal courgettes, […]

Aubergine Pizza

Aubergine Pizza-Baked Eggplant Pizzas, here’s how to cook eggplants in the oven in a tasty and original way. I am sure that once brought to the table they will be snapped up, they are very easy, tasty and stringy! The aubergine pizzas are delicious both hot and cold, we can […]


Lemon cultivation, Today I will show you how to grow potted lemon plants. Turning our balconies or terraces into beautiful citrus gardens is not as complicated as you may think. In fact, it is not necessary to be an expert gardener to produce excellent lemon cultivation at home to be […]

Italian pasta with anchovies

Italian pasta with anchovies and crispy bread. Quick and easy recipe. Italian pasta with anchovies and crispy bread, anchovies and crispy bread is a quick and easy first course to prepare, ideal for everyday family lunch or for a last-minute dinner with friends.A genuine and light dish, ready in 10 […]

Tamarind juice, well-being and tradition

Tamarind juice: the taste, the greeting and the tradition in a single preparation That of tamarind juice is a recipe that skilfully combines the flavour decided by the ancient Sicilian tradition and healthy energy attentive to the well-being of body and mind, giving life and a drink with an overwhelming […]

Caprese Rice Sformato

Caprese Rice Sformato is a cheerful and tasty first course, ideal for lunch and dinner in the spring and summer. The idea for this pie was born from my passion for Caprese salad; I took the two ingredients that characterize this recipe (Caprese Rice Sformato), namely tomato and mozzarella, and […]

Stuffed Cold Tomatoes

Stuffed Cold Tomatoes are delicious tomatoes filled with barley salad, perfect for the summer, very easy to prepare and super colourful, they are ideal and practical also to be served at buffets or at home parties! The peculiarity of these tomatoes is that you can stuff them with the summer […]