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Melon salad is an original idea to bring melon to the table! It is fresh and very quick to prepare, in addition, the melon will also serve as a bowl to serve the salad! MELON SALAD: INGREDIENTS FOR 2 PEOPLEDIFFICULTY: lowPREPARATION TIME FOR MELON SALAD: 15 minutes 1 melon1 cucumber2 celery stalks140g of cornSalt to […]

Properties of extra virgin
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Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For Properties OF Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) is meant an oil obtained from the first pressing of the drupes, or of the fruits (olives), of the European Olea Leccino plant (better known as olive). The extraction processes of extra virgin olive oil are MECHANICAL and the use of chemical means or processes is totally […]

Moroccan coffee
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Strong Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander the alternative digestive

Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander is a concentrate of goodness, which sees the happy marriage of spices known and appreciated since the dawn of time and coffee. From this partnership comes this fragrant dark drink, especially appreciated by those who have always been irreducible of coffee, and are inclined and very predisposed to discover […]

wild rice spinach salad
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The wild rice spinach salad

The wild rice spinach salad is a tasty and colourful recipe, perfect for cheering up the tables of the spring and summer period. wild rice spinach salad is really made in five minutes and is the typical dish to prepare in large quantities, keep in the fridge, and eat whenever you want something fresh and […]

Greek Chicken Salad
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Greek Chicken Salad

The Greek Chicken Salad is a fresh and tasty recipe, ideal to be eaten on hot spring and summer days. This preparation is also to be considered as a recovery recipe, in fact, to make it you can use roasted or grilled chicken leftover from the day before. Then I decided to call this “Greek” […]

vegetarian keto salads
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Vegetarian Keto Salads

Potato, vegetarian keto salads, easy recipe for a complete and nutritious diet to suitable for adults and children. This single dish is perfect for summer, excellent both hot and cold, it includes white meat and light and easily digestible vegetables. The same dish can be prepared with turkey instead of chicken. INGREDIENTS FOR VEGETARIAN KETO […]