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Christmas candles
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Sweet Christmas candles: the recipe for a greedy and spectacular dessert

The sweet Christmas candles are a dessert delicious and dramatic that you can also use as centrepieces Christmas. These are short pastry candles, filled with delicious custard and rolled in white chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The flame will be made with crunchy caramel, solidified on wooden sticks. The preparation is simple and will conquer all […]

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Cupeta: the recipe of the Christmas holidays

The cupeta or copeta is a typical Apulian Christmas cake, in particular the kitchen Salento and Lecce, a preparation similar to that of nougat and crunchy almonds. The main ingredients are caramelized sugar and lightly toasted almonds, flavoured with lemon zest and vanilla. The origins of this crunchy date back to 1200: the ancient Romans […]

Risotto with radicchio
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Risotto with radicchio and provolone

Risotto with radicchio and provolone, a dish with strong flavours that whets the appetite. If cooked properly, definitely changes the face of a lunch or dinner. A good risotto, in fact, is like a work of art, it is something that is remembered, which requires attention and care in preparation, a preparation that often divides […]

Sponge cake with speck
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Sponge cake with speck and cheese

Sponge cake with speck, a recipe for the perfect appetizer for Christmas. The pan of salted cake with bacon and cheese has a rustic version of the classic sponge cake Spain. A soft and inviting base, without yeast, easy to make and perfect to fill with what you prefer. In our recipe, we opted for […]

differences durum wheat and soft wheat

The differences between durum wheat and soft wheat

The differences between durum wheat and soft wheat: cultivation, use in the kitchen and properties Similar in structure but profoundly different in shape, nutritional values, uses in cooking and cultivation: how many of you really know the differences between soft wheat and durum wheat? From the first we get the white flour, from the second […]