Author: Kelly Selly Ariya

Mint liquor

Mint liquor

A real classic. Mint liquor is a simple and fragrant digestive, with a delicate and very aromatic taste, which you can prepare to offer after a meal or to give as a gift on some special occasion. Mint is an aromatic herb with a very intense flavor and must be […]

Basil liqueur

Basil liqueur, basil is one of the most cultivated and used aromatic herbs. Usually, it is used to prepare Genoese pesto or to flavor hot dishes and salads, but this time we want to use it to make a fresh and perfect liqueur to serve as a digestive. To prepare […]

Limoncello cream

Limoncello cream, limoncello is perhaps the most famous liqueur to be served at the end of a meal: light and fragrant, served chilled, it is the worthy conclusion of a nice summer table. And preparing it is not that difficult: as always, you need to have excellent raw materials, organic […]

Lemon liqueur with rosemary

Lemon liqueur, homemade liqueurs are a really simple way to use the fruits of the garden and allow you to play a lot with your imagination to create even very particular combinations. Today we offer you a lemon liqueur with rosemary, very digestive and therefore perfect to offer after meals. […]

How to grow the Guava plant

Characteristics Guava plant, among the most interesting fruit plants we also find the one that takes the name of Guajava, but more often we are used to hearing about it with the name of guava. The guava is a fruit tree that has a typically American origin (especially from the […]

Cultivating lovage

Lovage, also called mountain celery, is an aromatic herb with an intense aroma, reminiscent of celery and of which the foliage is collected above all. It is a medicinal species belonging to the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family, as well as dill and fennel, interesting because it can be easily grown […]

Lemon: the plant and its cultivation

The lemon plant, Citrus limon, is native to India and Indochina, is an evergreen plant like the other citrus fruits of the Rutaceae family, and has a certain ornamental value. According to some, it is not a real species but a hybrid between cedar (Citrus medica) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), […]

Hyssop: medicinal plant rich in properties

Hyssop is a medicinal plant that we could define as autochthonous, given that its origins are Mediterranean and have always been found in our territories. It is a very adaptable species and very simple to cultivate, which in addition to its beneficial properties offers us a very attractive flowering for […]

How to plant asparagus legs

Asparagus is multi-year cultivation, which means that it must remain in the same garden plot for a few years, therefore it must not be sown every year. Asparagus can produce up to 20 years if the asparagus is carefully cultivated. It is not the simplest cultivation among vegetables, but certainly, […]

The cultivation of lavender

The term lavender derives from the verb “wash”, the plant owes its name to its good scent: being used in soaps or to perfume drawers, it is typically associated with an idea of ​​good and clean. When it blooms in the garden it is an explosion of color and this […]