Aubergine Rolls Vegan

Aubergine Rolls Vegan

Aubergine rolls vegan an easy and tasty recipe, ideal for everyday lunch and dinner. The ingredients needed to make them are few and simple. Grilled aubergines, cooked ham, and some scamorza cheese are enough and you will bring to the table a second of really delicious vegetables. These rolls are also perfect as an appetizer and accompanied by a little bread they can become a rich single dish. As a final touch, I sprinkled my rolls with tomato sauce … making the shoe in this kind of dish is really a pleasure!

I recommend preparing a large number of eggplant rolls because, if they advance, the next day when they are cold they are even better! In addition, my rolls are also light because the aubergines are grilled and not fried, so we can indulge them every day without guilt! Try them and you will be won over!

Cooking time: 25 min
Ready in: 25 min


2 large grilled aubergines
300 ml tomato sauce already cooked and seasoned
300 g cooked ham
200 g white scamorza
30 g grated cheese (parmesan or parmesan type)

Preparation of Aubergine rolls vegan

Cut the aubergines into slices lengthwise, then grill them. I simply grilled them adding just a pinch of salt. Arrange the aubergine slices on a cutting board and stuff them with cooked ham and a small piece of scamorza cut into a stick.

Roll the aubergine slices on themselves, embracing the filling until it forms a roll. With the given doses you will get about 14.

Spread a couple of spoons of tomato sauce on the bottom of a baking dish, then arrange the rolls tightly together. I had cooked tomato sauce simply, seasoning it with a little onion, salt, oil and basil.

Cover the rolls with tomato sauce, then sprinkle everything with grated cheese. Cook the rolls in a static preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes, perhaps by operating the grill function 5 minutes before turning them out.

Here are the eggplant rolls served on the table! I advise you to let them cool about ten minutes before enjoying aubergine rolls vegan.

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