Apple grappa

Apple grappa

An apple-flavored grappa is ideal at the end of a meal: the sweet flavor of the fruit will give you a soft and delicate grappa. Precisely for this reason, we can also use apple grappa to prepare desserts, for example, to try to slightly flavor a strudel.

As with all liqueurs prepared on their own, also in this case the procedure for flavoring the grappa is really easy, you just need a little patience for the wait! And if prepared in time, it can be a welcome homemade gift.

We advise you to use sweet and not too ripe apples to prepare the grappa. It is important to choose organically grown fruits, obviously, those who have an apple tree or an orchard can use their own harvest.

Preparation time: about 1 month of rest
Seasonality: autumn recipes, winter recipes
Dish: liqueurs

Ingredients for 500 ml:

500 ml of grappa
1 cinnamon stick
2 organic apples

How to prepare apple grappa

Apple-flavored grappa is made in a very simple way starting simply from white grappa and fruit, the aroma of cinnamon is a good complement to the taste of spirits. Pour the white grappa into a glass jar. Add the cinnamon stick and let it rest for a week.

After this time, remove the cinnamon and add the apples, cut into pieces, from which you will have removed the core and seeds. Leave to macerate for another 4 or 5 weeks, shaking the jar containing the liqueur and fruit from time to time.

Finally pour the apple grappa, now ready, into the final bottle, filtering with a dry and clean cloth. At this point, we are ready to taste our spirits.

Variations to the classic recipe of this liqueur

The delicate flavor of apple grappa also goes very well with other aromas and spices, not just cinnamon.

  • Laurel. Try the apple/bay leaf combination for an even richer flavor. We have already seen the use of bay leaves to make delicious laurel, this aroma is also to be tried in grappa.
  • Rosemary. For an unusual grappa, replace the cinnamon with a sprig of rosemary from your garden!

Other grappa variations

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