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tongue cleaning

Tongue cleaning and mouthwash against halitosis

1. Tongue Cleaning: Why It Matters and How To Do It In about 90% of cases, bad breath (halitosis) is due to insufficient oral hygiene. In particular, the excessive microflora residing on the tongue is most frequently called into question. Like that which feast on plaque, tartar, and gum pockets, lingual microflora produces volatile sulfur […]

homemade dog food
Dog Feeding

Homemade dog food

Introduction Homemade dog food, Under the term “domestic or housewife, the dog” falls a heterogeneous set of nutritional modalities ranging from the exclusive use of table scraps, up to the use of finely elaborated rations to satisfy the dog’s nutritional needs. As it is classically conceived, the home ration is composed of a “meat-rice-carrot” mixture, […]

green tomatoes jam

Green tomatoes jam

Green tomatoes jam is a very good and particular preserve that is prepared with the last tomatoes of the season. In late autumn, when the tomatoes are struggling to ripen and turn red, they are still harvested and used to make salads or delicious homemade jams. In the countryside, you know, nothing is ever wasted! […]

Strawberry caipirinha

Strawberry caipirinha with condensed milk

If you like drinks with fruit and vodka, learn how to make strawberry caipirinha with condensed milk! Prepare this recipe step by step for strawberry caipirinha with condensed milk, one of the most popular Caipifrutas (caipirinhas with fruit) among those with a sweet tooth because it is very sweet. Prepare this creamy and sweet-tasting strawberry […]

Strawberry Caipirinha

Strawberry Caipirinha with Vodka

On festive days, you can’t miss refreshing and energetic drinks! If you are looking for drink recipes for Carnival, New Year, or even for a birthday, check out this suggestion from Special-food of strawberry caipirinha with Vodka, also called strawberry caipiroska. This is one of the classic cocktails at a party and one that especially […]

watermelon caipirinha

Watermelon caipirinha

If you like Caipifruta, you will definitely like this suggestion! Here we teach you how to prepare a watermelon caipirinha, to liven up your party! This drink is very refreshing and smoother than the traditional caipirinha, since the watermelon, having a high percentage of water, dilutes the alcohol a little. Check out how to […]

vodka caipirinha

Vodka caipirinha with lemon

Everyone knows that traditional Brazilian vodka caipirinha is prepared with Cachaça or Pinga. However, you can get a different drink if you simply substitute vodka for that drink. See how to make lemon caipirinha with vodka in a blender or a cocktail shaker! This vodka with lemon caipirinha recipe is great for happy hour, summer […]

Guava Jelly Recipe
Quick & Easy

Guava Jelly Recipe

Guava is a very popular fruit for various purposes, one of which is the preparation of jelly. The guava jelly recipe that we present below in this Special-food article is very simple to put into practice, and the result is definitely worth it! 6 guests30 mLow difficulty Ingredients for making guava jelly recipe: 12 units […]



We all know that sugary and carbonated drinks are harmful to health, fortunately, there is an alternative, there are many healthy drinks to choose from, below is a list of the 18 best drinks: The complete list Let’s see them for now listed one at a time and explained in detail for benefits, strengths, and […]